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Back to the Future – Episode 1 Walkthrough

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Published on: May 25, 2011

Back to the future on tablets can be irritating, because you won’t see mouseovers, which will make the finding of interactive objects a little bit harder. Here is a spoilerfree walkthrough, to guide you in the right direction.
If you don’t mind spoilers you can also use the Telltale Walkthrough with pictures.

Shopping Mall Parking Lot:

Choose any dialogue
Go left and examine the toolbox
Choose any dialogue

Doc’s House:

Look at the model of Hill Valley Town in the back of the room
Look at Marty’s guitar in front of his dad
Use the guitar on the amplifier
Talk to your father and tell him you can fight your own fights
Turn up the amplifier controls
Use the guitar

In front of Doc’s House

Look at the DeLorean.
Use the handheld tape recorder.
Take the shoe
Exit the DeLorean and use the shoe on Einstein (The Dog)

Etnas House:

Use the buzzer.
Use the shoe on Edna
Ask Edna “When did you lose your shoe?”
Ask Edna about the speakeasy
Use Edna’s binoculars
Use the radiator
Examine the newspapers

In front of Doc’s House:

Choose any dialogue
Use the time circuits
Use the time circuit keypad

Courthouse Square
Choose any dialogue
Walk near the barred window of the police station.
Select all dialogue options
Ask “”Where can I find your younger self?”
Enter the Soup Kitchen
Use the phone number on the phone
Go to the courthouse and open the door
Use the tape recorder on Young Doc
Go to the jail window and use the tape recorder on it
Tell Young Doc “Maybe H equals the Hamiltonian Operator”
Choose any dialogue
Choose any dialogue

Finding Alcohol
Talk to Edna
“Whats the Scoop?”
“You make soup deliveries?”
“I can help deliver soup!”
“What’s the Stay Sober Society?
“I know where the Stay Sober Society can meet!”
“At the Brown Residence.”
Go to the soup kitchen
Push the kitchen door
Ask Young Doc to open the door
Wait for Doc to say, “Eureka!”
Ask Cue Ball for soup
Tell Cue Ball to put something in the soup

After he finishes go left where Cueball can’t see you and wait until he bangs on the pipe

Tell Cue Ball to put something in the soup

Use the pipe

Exit the soup kitchen.
Talk to Edna
“I know a charity that needs a soup delivery.”
“The Stay Sober Society.”
“They’re sober.”
“They’ll be quiet.”
Tell Young Doc “Okay, then. Forget the whole thing”

Finding Arthur
Go to the barbershop.
“I guess I’m here to shine your shoes…”
“I’m looking for Arthur McFly.”
“Isn’t that Artie’s hat?”
“Can I have some peanuts?”
“What the hell is that!?”
Use the hat on Einstein
Return to the barbershop
Use the tape recorder on Kid
Use Einstein
Return to the apartment
Ring the buzzer
Use the tape recorder on Arthur
Use the subpoena on Arthur

The Brown Residence
Choose any dialogue
Follow the verbal clues given by Young Doc, ignore the bold words from his father
Choose any dialogue

Endgame Sequence
Use the jet drill remains on Edna’s bicycle
Move right
Open the toolbox
Take the antenna
Go back
Move left
Use tire iron on the spare tire
Go to the front window
Use antenna on keys
Ask Doc for a distraction
Go to the front window
Use antenna on keys
Use keys on padlock
Use hubcap on Kid
Use gun on shackles

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