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Welcome to Tabletpimps

Categories: Tablet Games
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Published on: April 7, 2011

Hello and welcome to our new page. We will bring you news, reviews and specials about gaming on tablets and try to report about everything else a gamer with such a device should know. Until now we just focused on android gaming on our sister site, but since Intel was so kind to supply us with ExoPC’s for Meego development, we realized the potential that is hidden in Meego and Windows tablets. It is still a little early to talk about these tablet systems, because they haven’t hit the mass market yet, but since there are already usable ecosystem with the Intel AppUp store (Windows/Meego) and the ExoPC store (Windows), there is a constant stream of new games, that we can report about. Even if they are still in an early stage, they already get filled with games, so there is already a nice sum of games and if we would count all the compatible windows games, that are already playable with touch devices, there is more than enough content to fill a dozen websites. We will also cross-post all tablet relevant news about Android from Androidpimps and write tablet specific articles for Tabletpimps, as soon as we can get our hands on a device in Germany, where Honeycomb tablets will be released soon.

Since our site is brand new we are looking for freelance writers, that want to help shape this site. If you want to write for Tabletpimps (in either german or english, we will handle translations) or support us in any other way, please contact us at .

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